October 30, 2021
(That's a Saturday)


Coffman Memorial Union
300 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis MN 55455
(In the Great Hall) (Map)


New to ballroom competitions? Check out our friendly guide.

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Here's What to Expect:

All day, dancers perform ballroom and latin dances in the format of a dance competition and receive feedback from experienced ballroom professionals.


Minnesota Ballroom Blast is made possible by the hard work of dozens of volunteers. If you want to contribute your time and skills to help make Minnesota Ballroom Blast awesome, fill out this form and we'll help you get involved!

Costumes Encouraged!

Come to the evening session of Minnesota Ballroom Blast and enjoy a wonderful evening of social dancing. In addition to the opportunity to dance with many participants from around the Upper Midwest, there will be food, games, merriment, and a showcase of national championship-level talent. To top off a wonderful evening, a costume contest will be held with prizes in various categories. Don't miss out!

Tickets are available for $5 at the door the day of the event.

Minnesota Ballroom Blast is

low-stress, feedback-based, and designed to:

  • Provide social dancers and competitors alike with meaningful feedback from professionals they might not otherwise have access to
  • Introduce beginners to the general format of a competition in a low-chaos environment
  • Provide a preparatory event for those looking to compete
  • Allow couples to experiment with new choreography and costuming